"I still feel the ghost of your memory..."

This is Love

Kota Barkwill

"This is love; This is hating until your mouth runs dry..."

The Moon

Stella Sanles

"The moon is bright; she shines brightly..."

Barbie Doll

Marge Piercy

"Then in the magic of puberty. a classmate said: 'You have a great big nose and fat legs..."

Four Clothed Cats

Isabella Krieg

"I watch as four clothed cats sit on a common city step..."

Untitled (Big Apple Slices)

Zoe Byszynski

"I know you enough to invade your bed, but not enough to keep you awake..."

Butterfly Growing Kit

Zoe Byszynski

"Oh little caterpillar, how you've slept and wriggled..."


Zoe Byszynsky

"So limber, So lonely, So beautifully repetitive..."

Feed Your Son

Zoe Byszynski

"A pen is mightier than the sword; in an age where boys no longer wield..."

Untitled II

Zoe Byszynski

"I've torn and collaged the dictionary; Trying to find the right words..."

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