Monday, February 12, 2024


By Zia

July 2023

Instagram: @deathw7sh

live your life

take your time

be by yourself

just try to free your mind

everything will be ok

that's what i say anyway

and in some ways i'm right

life is a journey

and then you fucking die

but when i really think

in nights dark adn starry

love is a drug

and death is a party

when i die i'll see everything

i've ever loved

i'll become the sea

and the grass, and the sun

i'll become a strem

of pure information

flooding through the minds

of the masses of your nation

i'll be your darkest thoughts

i'll be your brightest dreams

i'll be everything in between

i'll be everything you hoped for in life

but just remember

you only see the truth when you die

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