Thursday, April 11, 2024

I'm Starting to Remember Things


Prince Morales
March 29, 2024
16" x 20"
Coffee paper, deconstructed canvas


There was a time in the past 2-3 months prior to making this piece where I lost my sense of self. I stop doing the things that made me happy and progress as a person, or at least I felt like I did. This collage is supposed to represent how I remember things in my head, a little scrambled, memories seeping into others which have no correlation. I printed out film photos I took throughout last year and soaked them in coffee to give off that old aging paper look. I ripped out the parts I wanted to use of the photos to make it look for organic and put them together, mixing memories and experiences together. The baby skeleton creature is meant to be the random ideas and thoughts that also merge in with the memories, I can only think in pictures and visuals no words up there. I made the wood frame by ripping off the canvas off the frame and just stapling it on the other side once I glued all the pictures together. 

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